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Drilling Rig Tower

Zuti has been continuously supporting for international OEM for their new product development in terms of structural analysis. Zuti has taken up the responsibility for Finite element analysis of the OEM’s latest design of Drilling Jig Towers and Optimized the weight of the Frames and Towers. The latest modern tools like OptiStruct and HyperMesh were used to fulfil the Optimization requirement.

Challange: Evaluate the Structural integrity of the Drilling Jig Tower and reduce the weight of the overall Frame + Tower assembly for two different variants without affecting the structural . Perform the Optimization of the structure for 8 different loading conditions simultaneously within appropriate limits so that more than 50% the structural components can be common in both the variants.
Solution: The client Provided the CAD data for the entire assembly of tower and Main Frame with mounting chassis approximately 500 components. The complete model was meshed with shell elements and all necessary contacts & connections are created. The analysis was validated prior and Optimization setup with 8 conditions each representing a unique loading and working conditions of the drilling Jig during its service. The model was solved on a high end system with as many as 100 variables with both gauge and topology variables and constraints of stiffness and stress. The process repeated for both the variants The final Optimal solution shows the thickness and material distribution of each component.
Benefits The final design is delivered to client with 25% reduction of mass for each variant-The final design is released with minimal manufacturing activity and standard thickness of components.