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Back Hoe

Zuti has been continuously supporting for international OEM’s for their new product development in terms of design and structural analysis. Zuti has taken up the responsibility for detail design and Finite element analysis of the entire Back Hoe Loader in the process of product variant introduction with capacity enhancement with minimum material utilization. The latest modern tools like ProE and abaqus were used to fulfil the design and CAE requirement.

Challange: Utilize the existing SKU like Hydraulic system, engine and increase capacity by 20% with minimum material-Execution to specific application with minimal data exchange.
Solution: Zuti followed a top to bottom approach wherein the current models were analysed at very intricate level and optimally chosen the geometry of the Boom, Dipper and bucket to increase the overload capacity and the reliability based on Dynamic and static Conditions. The key engineering aspects of the design are fully validated by FE analysis under dynamic & static conditions for various loading conditions with implicit methods using Industry standard tools like HyperMesh & abaqus and the final design created at the component and assembly level using ProE.
Benefits The length of the Boom reduced to slightly reduce the depth of the dig but increased the loading capacity by another 0.5 ton. Thus a new variant introduced and the process standardized.