Work - Automotive

Door Trims

Zuti has been continuously supporting for international OEM’s for their new product development in terms of Virtual Validation. Zuti has Coordinated with the OEM for the design iterations of the Door Trims and perform FE analysis for each iteration till the product is released. The latest advanced FE tool, abaqus was used to fulfil the FEA requirement.

Challenge: Evaluate the Structure of the Door Trims for their structural safety under various loading conditions as per DVP of the OEM Using Nonlinear Methods. Perform the FE analysis with Nonlinear Methods under different load conditions, multiple input parameters like temperature -need to tune the parameters suitably to get the FE models converge for all conditions (approx. 25 cases)without affecting the accuracy and deliver within very narrow timelines is the biggest challenge.
Solution: Zuti has created a Finite Element Model from the given CAD data. The connections and contacts were created. Material and Geometric nonlinearity were included in the FE model. The true values of material properties derived from the general material data sheet. Multiple Load steps were sequentially performed to analyze the permanent deformations under each loading situation. The model parameters were tuned Optimally to converge the nonlinear models for all loading situations without affecting the accuracy. A coupled physics analysis was also run wherein temperature distribution was used as inputs to calculate the Thermal stress by nonlinear analysis. The results of all loading situations were analysed simultaneously to identify the critical & strong locations which led to improvement of the design in terms of performance.
Benefits The final validation results and FE model within 80% of the proposed timeline.