Zuti Learning Lab

An all-round experiential learning for your Career Development!

Development of our people and fostering an environment of sharing and learning are key to Zuti’s tradition of thinking ahead and is vital for our continued success. It is our firm belief that training of our people in right technologies, domain knowledge and development projects, that support in our quest for technical excellence and give the us best foot forward to be the partner of choice to our clients.

Over the last 10 years we have learnt much from our experiences in how best to assimilate new knowledge, exchange ideas between people, and disseminate the know-how amongst us. We have formalized these key learnings and best practices of effective mentoring of our associates into a structured learning environment - the Zuti Learning Lab.  The emphasis of the Learning Lab is to impart tangible reduction-to-practice knowledge and industry know-how in the shortest possible time. The basis for the tangible knowledge is our in-house development works and continuous engagement on many client projects.
The learning experience is broad and holistic – the employee learns through attending formal hands on workshops and one-to-one mentoring by experienced seniors to supervised involvement in projects at different levels. The essential part of the training is experiential and comprises of learning by experimentation and evolving methods and techniques to tackle challenging design and engineering problems with practical relevance. The difference is it sets in a strong foundation for participants to continue to learn and enable their professional development – this is essential for increasing effectiveness and competitive strength of the company while promoting meaningful career development of its associates, as we believe they are most important factors in our company's success.


Zuti Leading Edge Program

Fast forward your career with us!

At Zuti we have created structured opportunities for our promising people to become involved in development projects early-on for a career head start. They get involved in projects that would normally lie far ahead in the future. These assignments are challenging and they demand commitment and contribution from you to assimilate the required experience in shortest possible time. You will be associated with Zuti’s team of experts and they will provide the required mentoring at different levels to make the learning accessible and rewarding. The foundation for this is Zuti’s rich experience that has been gained over the last 12 years not just in delivering on tough projects but also in equal measure successfully mentoring and developing people to take on those projects and complete them without any hassles. 

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