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CAE & Simulation

Increasingly many designs have complex geometric forms and exhibit non-linear physics in material and loading aspects and have to perform reliably under varied loading conditions. What's more the design attributes are competing in nature. Further time-to-market pressure is forcing enterprises to do more engineering in less time. Engineering analysis techniques such as finite element, fluid dynamics and electromagnetic analysis using advanced analysis and visualization tools are the only way to model and validate them quickly and with a low risk virtually.

With Zuti’s extensive experience in CAE & simulation, we can analyze, engineer and optimize these complex designs for real-life performance from the early concept stage onwards. In addition to saving time and money, this allows development teams to drive major design choices from styling, packaging and cross-attribute performance perspectives. Throughout the detailed design and engineering phase, Zuti project teams excel at detecting weak spots, identifying root causes, and delivering valuable insight in time to affect design decisions.

Case Studies

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