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Manufacturing Engineering

Ideas and design innovation alone are not enough, unless we can realize them i.e., the product has to be manufactured efficiently to quality and cost targets at the end. This calls for an integrated development of the product and production process concurrently and is also flexible to accommodate multiple product variants quickly and in a cost effective manner. Zuti’s expertise encompasses the following areas:

Manufacturing Engineering
Zuti with its expertise in design engineering and a first hand knowledge of manufacturing processes can effectively integrate product design with manufacturing concurrently. With manufacturing intent built in early in the design cycle, it enables components and assemblies to mature rapidly in the development process – thus leading to high quality products and faster development cycle time.

Manufacturing Process & Automation  
Zuti has a good understanding of modern production processes that require a careful balance between human expertise and  machine automation to achieve efficiency with required quality. With our expertise in PLC based systems engineering and robotics, we can help you to come up with an optimal process that suits your needs and also specify and integrate the systems for efficient production setup either for mass manufacturing or a limited series production or on-demand production systems.

Case Studies

Welding Fixture


Welding Fixture - Structure