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Project & Quality Management

Advantage built on seamless workflow and innovative processes

Due to increasing complexity of products and time-to-market pressures efficient project management is gaining in importance. Furthermore advantage built on seamless workflow and innovative processes is imperative to enable simultaneous engineering to bring products to market on time and on budget. Zuti works with hard and soft issues of project management and assume complete responsibility for planning and managing individual projects within time and budget.

Our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations is vital to our long-term success. Quality is something that is built into our everyday work, processes and interactions irrespective of the function and has to be lived by each and every employee of the company. Zuti takes the responsibility of continuously training and implementing professional development measures for all its employees, in technical as well as processes, very seriously. We do this by:

  • Having committed and knowledgeable employees who understand customers’ requirements and expectations intimately.

  • Having efficient and resilient business and workflow processes that ensure outcomes that meet stringent quality metrics.

  • Through our learning’s from our involvement in broad spectrum of projects across different domains we can cross-pollinate and adapt best practices from other industry segments and continuously improve processes and methods.