Our approach to client engagement is to co-create value based on a model of collaborative partnering.

We collaborate by bringing together our highly motivated technical staff to offer both detailed technical advise and cross-pollinate ideas from across different industry domains where our practices are rooted in. Our services can range from a purely advisory role to taking up projects with turnkey responsibility. To meet our clients development needs, we offer the following engagement models:


Zuti provides experts in many areas of engineering, to augment customers internal team to provide unique expertise.


Zuti’s collaboration may range from a purely advisory role to the delivery of a major package of design within the context of larger projects.


Zuti takes turnkey responsibility for projects in areas such as product design & engineering or manufacturing development. We generate value through developing and applying innovative concepts, alternative design strategies and advanced analysis techniques leading to improved, holistic and practical solutions.


Zuti takes overall operational responsibility for a defined function designed to provide services on a T&M basis. We align ourselves with customers development processes to work as an extended partner to meet their business objectives.


4 Steps to Successful Project Execution

What matters are your requirements and translating them into innovative products and efficient manufacturing solutions requires development processes that are reliable and built on a solid foundation. Zuti, by leveraging its many years of experience working with leading global customers in various industry sectors has developed a robust framework to weave a custom-fit process that allows us allows us to avoid off-target scoping and prepare projects for delivery at the right quality on-target and on budget.


We gather your requirements and analyze and build a detailed project scope and an execution framework


Based on the requirements we develop a custom-fit process with a detailed execution plan and defined project milestones


A closely-integrated technical team executes the work and co-ordinates with your team to incorporate feedback and best practices


We deliver your work package on-time, on-quality & on-budget to meet your development and business needs

What Sets us Apart

Be it to pace up your development timeline or to quickly scale up for a derivative program, we can quickly scale up with our proven work processes and quick and reliable technical resource on-boarding.
Be it a sudden change in demand or you need advanced expertise for a particular project for a short duration, we can support you. Our support can range from being on a purely advisory role to the delivery of a major package of design within the context of a larger project.
We are continuously working on improving our processes and offshore delivery model resulting in substantial cost efficiencies for our customers. Once switched to steady operations mode we continuously monitor and improve processes to identify new areas for improvement.
Our broad and practical experience, gained from involvement with many real projects from across different industries, gives our staff the ability to look at the overall picture often leading to the emergence of improved, holistic and practical solutions. It often means cross-pollination of ideas and creative breakthroughs that can result in exceptional value to your project.
Mastering the complexity of next-generation products and development processes require competencies across different disciplines i.e., mechanical, electrical, electronics, software, user experience etc. We have an experienced team of engineers whose skills span across all these disciplines and can provide complete end-to-end integrated solutions to clients with turnkey results under one roof.